Pale, light and bright in colour. On the nose, gentle notes of rose petals, orange peel, raspberry and strawberries &, cream. The pallet is silky and smooth, with soft raspberries and cranberries & peach skin. Finishes with poached peach, vanilla pods and some slightly zestier pink grapefruit.

ABV 13.5%



AOC Languedoc, often referred to as the worlds biggest vineyard, stretches across from the Pyrenees to Provence across a vast section of the south of France. Whilst home to both simple table wine and world class quality wines, it is above all famous for it’s variety of grapes, of terroirs, of climates and consequently it’s blended wines. Across the 150miles of vines climates and soils range greatly; from a truly cool, maritime climate to warmer and drier continental climates affected by mountains and strong winds.

Vignobles de 3 Chateaux, situated at the very foot of the emblematic Pic-Saint Loup is found in the heart of the Pic St.-Loup Appellation. Located around 150 meters above sea level, on a clay and limestone terroir, it is influenced by both Mediterranean and continental climates. Temperatures are lower, rainfall is more abundant and the wind come off the mountain and drives the clouds away, helping maintain aridity and naturally improving the health of the vineyards. Here the diurnal range it at it’s peak allowing the development of supple tannins of a rare finesse.