On the nose ripe, fresh black, bitter chocolate, figs, kirsch and a touch of liquorice. The palate offers more dark red fruit, with cooked red cherries, strawberries and cranberries. There is a mineral edge with that is sweet, velvety and elegant. It is juicy with a lovely high acidity with a long finish of redcurrant and summer berries. Fine tannins. Only 3000 bottles produced.

ABV 14.5%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly




Ruben Diaz is born and bred in Cebreros, Avila, one of the principal villages at the forefront of the Gredos wine reawakening. And he, like his much more celebrated and better known peer Dani Landi, is one of the emblematic winemakers of the area. He believes that Garnacha is a part of his DNA. It was back in 1999 when the rights to their land were about to be sold that Ruben went to check out the vines. He’s never been involved but studied, learnt from others and fell in love with Gredos Garnacha. He is interested in keeping wine keeping as it has been done for 100’s of years , with minimal intervention to truly express the exact state of the soil, the winemaker, the vineyard and the weather to the glass. He doesn’t use a single non-organic solution. “I’m happy with my work, and they say that it always shows in the results”.