A fresh organic wine, with delicate aromas of wild grass, red fruits and a touch of cassis, marked by fine tannin’s that give  structure and create a long lingering finish with a distinctive mineral character due to the volcanic soils where the old vines thrive.

ABV 12.5%


The Itata region of Chile has a beautiful heritage with historic old vineyards planted over volcanic or granitic soils with a lot to say and tell. Los Vinateros Bravos want to communicate that message by returning to the artisan methods of organic viticulture, and by means of sympathetic natural winemaking.  The farming is organic, the ancient bush vines are unirrigated and since the vineyards are impossible to work with tractors all the work is manually done or with horses. Pais, also known as Criolla Chica in Argentina and Mission in North America, is a red grape variety of great historical importance. It was the first vitis vinifera grape variety to be exported from the Old World (Spain) to the New World (Mexico) in the 16th Century. Pais has been shown to be a genetic match to Listán Prieto, an old variety which has disappeared from its homeland of Castilla-La Mancha. In any case, Pais/Mission is usually regarded as a unique variety due to significant genetic changes over time.