The taste of golden apple fruit with leesy spice and a good lift from the natural acidity. The perfect wine gift.


Patrice is originally from the Haut-Jura, and Caroline is British.  In 2009, they left their busy working life in order to start a new life as vignerons in Patrice’s home region of Jura. They began their new lives as vignerons in Jura by purchasing several parcels of land in the Arbois Appellation and the Arbois-Pupillin Appellation, from various different vignerons. Their estate comprises four hectares that is made up principally from Savagnin and Ploussard.  These Chardonnay and Savagnin wines are planted at an altitude above sea level of 300 metres, facing North-West, in two zones.  These vines are cut to the Guyot double cut, over ‘arcures’, a system that involves bending the shoots and attaching them to two parallel wires to encourage the flow of sap to the whole of the shoot and to all the eyes, rather than just to the very tip of the shoot. It therefore encourages a more even distribution of energy and nutrients throughout the shoots and the plant.