A taste of golden apple fruit with and a good lift from the natural acidity.

ABV 13%


Great wine can only be made from healthy vines. Patrice and his small team follow a sustainable viticultural programme, using organic and biodynamic practices. When questioned about his passion for biodynamics, Patrice answered “it is a technique for having a more efficient approach to organic farming, working on health, prevention, and the balance of the vines. The grapes are more resistant, give more complex flavours and vinify (ferment) better”. Biodiversity is encouraged; wild flowers, leguminous plants and cereals are sowed between vineyard rows. Natural infusions of nettle, yarrow, chamomile and dandelion are applied. Strictly no pesticides are used, minimal machinery and all fruit is handpicked. Patrice owns 4 hectares of vineyard in the AOC Arbois appellation at over 300 metres above sea level, including one of the most coveted slopes of Arbois, Les Corvées, and a parcel on the famed Côte de Feule vineyards in Pupillin amongst others. These are a combination of red and white grapes, mostly Savagnin and Ploussard.