Both red grapes are rare, Mavrotragano especially so. And it’s a red wine from Santorini so rarer still! Aromas of spiced black plums, black cherries, cinnamon and tobacco. On the palate the black fruits continue along with vanilla spice and lots of red cherries and ripe strawberries. Great acidity and well balanced. Made for all manner of red meat. Moussaka, stews, grilled lamb.
ABV 13.5%
Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly
The winery of Domaine Sigalas was initially located in the traditional canava of the Sigalas family. Paris Sigalas, a professor of mathematics, professionalised and modernised the winery, with a new building near the village of Oia in 1998. The soil of Santorini, along with the ancient pruning techniques employed in the vineyards (the ‘giristi’ and ‘koulouri’ or ‘klada’), combine to make their grapes unique the world over. The soil is sandy — a mixture of volcanic ash and pumice — the spring wind is fierce, and the summer sun scorching, factors which have combined to create a peculiar and unique method of cultivation and a powerful, full-bodied white wine, with famous minerality and acidity. Domaine Sigalas is one of the best wineries on the island, producing a range of both PDO Assyrtiko wines, along with vinifications of other indigenous Santorini varieties, including Aidani, Mavrotragano, Mandilaria and Athiri.