Pronounced ‘Kal-le-djic-car-ah-ser’ Kalecik Karasi is an indigenous Turkish grape variety famous for its unique aroma and flavour. Up front this has plenty of cherry and red berry fruit, followed by rich notes of plums and dark chocolate. The soft tannins, typical of this grape variety, are present on the mid-palate and the finish is lifted by a fresh acidity and a touch of spice.

ABV 14%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly




In 1942, after having discovered vineyards and winemaking in France, Mr. Isa Guner, a first-generation immigrant from Bulgaria, founded his own winery in Izmir, Turkey. Understanding that there was outstanding natural potential in Turkey for wine production, he purchased 4 hectares and started planting vineyards. In 1958, Mr. Guner’s sons, Gokhan and Coskun joined the business developing the property to 50 hectares. Today the property, composed of 160 hectares of vineyard and a first class restaurant (Isabey), is managed by the third generation of the Guner family. They are assisted by experienced Bordeaux consultant Florent Dumeau.

The Sevilen approach to winemaking focuses on terroir (Soil, local climate and vineyard architecture, rootstock, varietal, vine spacing, leaf area per hectare, crop per vine) and have achieved outstanding results. in their two premium sites: the Aegean Area around Izmir and the Anatolia Plateau. In Izmir climatic conditions are similar to those of Bari or Athens, whilst the Anatolian plateau provides conditions similar to those in the Rhône Valley (Hermitage, Chateauneuf du Pape).

The winemaking techniques adopted at Sevilen are very modern and up-to-date. All grapes are hand harvested and upon reception at the winery they are double sorted. Working with gravity, juices and wines are moved as carefully as possible throughout the ageing process. A selection of top French cooperage, in association with a Turkish university, has been developed in order to research the best solutions for the production of top quality wines.