This wine is an intense ruby red, with black and red fruit aromas, dry with hints of rose. The fruitiness is successfully balanced with medium tannins and acidity. Like other Dolcettos of other Piedmont regions, this is a wine that goes with all sorts of food, and can hold its own even with strong tasting dishes. The Ottavio Rube Rosso is a blend of Dolcetto (80%) and Croatina (20%). It has that classic Piemontese cherry meets chocolate flavour.

ABV 13%

Vegetarian/ Vegan friendly



The co-operative was born over thirty years ago. At a time in which increasing numbers of people had moved to the cities and to factory work, three young men from local farming families got together to discuss the future of farming in this area. They were deeply attached to the work and to their own land, but they wanted to find new ways of using traditional methods. To begin with they merged their vineyards and built stalls for farm animals so they could use organic manure to fertilise their fields and vines. The old ways were combined with a very modern belief in organic farming as the way of the future, as part of the wider project known as ‘contraction’, involving reducing the human impact on the natural environment. Viticulture is non-invasive. Old-fashioned sickles are used to hoe the weeds, the vines are fertilised with manures from their cattle as well as green fertilisers composed of clover and weeds. Cement vats are used to ferment the wines which are then transferred to old barrels to soften and mature.