This is very drinkable with precise fruity and mineral flavours and a fresh finish.

ABV 13%


Vincent is from the Normandy region of France. He had been drinking natural wines ever since 2001 and had become passionate about them. He wondered what it would be like to produce natural wines in the Auvergne region. Here he met a wine-maker called Alain Gaudet who was making wines at his estate, Domain Sous-Tournoël. Gaudet retired in 2015 and agreed to rent the vines on his estate to Vincent.  This vineyard is located at an altitude above sea level between 450 metres and 500 metres, the climate here is continental, with cold winters and hot summers.  These vines are planted on the steep forested slopes of the Puy called ’Bannière’, on the top of the slopes at the commune of Volvic, and are panted facing South-East, at an altitude of 500 metres above sea level.  Since 2013 the vines have been in conversion to an all-organic agriculture.