Savatiano is the most productive grape variety in Greece and the wine of Athens. Historically used for retsina, this unresinated version has a lovely bouquet, slightly herbal, white peach and nice clean intensity. Flavours are quite like top notch Gavi di Gavi. Crisp apple and aromatic ripe lemons. delicious on it’s own or with a wide array of mezze.


ABV 12%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly




Mylonas Winery was started in 1917 in Keratea, eastern Attica, by grandfather Antonis, whose main occupation was the vine and winemaking. As stainless steel tanks were relatively unknown at the time, he would leave the grape must to ferment in amphorae. Years later his son Dimitris took over and continued the wine tradition, but expanded the enterprise with new vineyards, creating a small, modern winery. Eventually his sons took the helm and continue to expand in homage to their father and grandfather. The family own 12 hectares located from 80-200 metres above sea level. The soils are mainly limestone and schist with some gravel sites, too. Surrounded by the sea, Attica’s winters and cool summers provide ideal conditions for viticulture. Mylonas have become synonymous with the Savatiano variety, for which they have won many awards.