This one litre bottle of wine provides a fresh light fruity body with hints of a smokey after taste, an excellent match to red meat dishes.  The perfect wine gift.


Christian Binner has been making wines for many years in the vineyard that his family has owned and run ever since 1770.  The Binner family estate is entirely a family-run business with Joseph Binner, the father of Christian and his wife Monique Binner and Beatrice Cotter-Binner, Christian’s sister are all involved.  The forest that surrounds this vineyard provides a certain coolness of temperature in this vineyard.  The soil here is gneiss; this vineyard is located on terraced slopes facing directly south, a fact that leads to excellent maturity of the grapes. The altitude of plantation of these Pinot Noir vines is between 320 and 350 metres.  In Hubert and Christian Engel’s vineyard the farming is organic.  The soil is tilled and loosened and wild grass is allowed to grow up between the vines.