Dark ruby ​​colour; Intense nose of preserved fruit, dried fig, almond and caramel creating an almost sweet wine. The grapes are dried for 15/20 days directly on the plant when the weather permits, or in special racks.

ABV 17.5%


The Longos founded the estate in the early 1900’s, picking the land with the greatest potential for quality winemaking. They produce a small selection of reds and whites, all hand harvested and made with meticulous care. The Arcano is a passito wine obtained from 100% Primitivo grapes, coming from vineyards with 50 years of age, cultivated with a Greek sapling training system, located in the Faggiano countryside, in Puglia. Produced with manual harvesting of the grapes, left to dry on the plant, and traditional red vinification. It has a ruby red color tending to garnet, intense and dark to the eye. Rich in intense and aromatic aromas on the nose, which develop into a harmonious, full taste, with a warm and balanced sweet sip.