`Pretty Pony` is the flagship wine from Kanaan. A Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and merlot. Bright ruby red in colour, this wine is characterised by fresh notes of blackcurrant, coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate, which give way to an elegant and refined palate, with finely structured tannins.

ABV 14.5%

Vegetarian/ Vegan friendly



Kanaan has 16.8 hectares of vineyard near the Helan Mountain, with 10 hectares planted with Cabernet Sauvignon. Due to the sandy soils, vines are planted on their own roots as there is no need for protection against phylloxera. The vines are trained in the upturned ‘L’ training system, where the cordon is kept close to the ground to facilitate vine burial, and drip irrigation is used. All vineyard work is done by hand as this training system is not suitable for mechanisation.

Ningxia is known for having harsh winters that require individual vines to be buried manually in November before being dug up the following April. 2014 had relatively high rainfall and humidity, which created good water reserves in the soils. Yields were high and the quality of the fruit was excellent.