Exotically rich and super-ripe oozing scents of fruits-in-alcohol and spicy-toasted wood. Smoothed out over time: it is warm and velvety with dried fruits baked under a marzipan crust.

ABV 15%

Vegetarian/ Vegan friendly



The region has a marked agricultural inclination with notable cultivations of vineyards, almond and olive groves, cherry and plum orchards. The hilly terrain confers to these lands’ optimum climatic conditions for viticulture, by way of a right microclimatic balance of sun, winds and mild temperatures. At the end of the 18th century Nicola Petrera, an ancestor of the current owner, chose the Spinomarino hill, the most aired and sunny one in the Gaudella area, to grow Primitivo grapes. Filippo Petrera has preserved both tradition and passion for this Primitivo until this very day. The family ensures the greatest care in every detail: organic farming, grape selection, processing and bottling. The family processes only their own estate grown grapes under the brand name “Fatalone”, with a total production of 40,000 bottles per 6 hectares of vineyards. The vinification process takes place in open-cycle wine tanks, without the aid of yeasts, with frequent pumping of the must over the pomace. The must is kept in contact with grape skins for three to five days at 28°C; a gentle pressing and a slow fermentation then completes the process.