If you like Greek wines then we really encourage you to try this duo of rare wines made from rare indigenous grapes from the islands of Greece. Or get them for the wine enthusiast in your life! They’re organically made and produced in small batches so they are really quite difficult to get a hold of. Both are beautifully fragrant with incredible depths of flavour, well balanced and medium to full bodied.

There’s been a rediscovering of rare indigenous grapes by Greek wine makers over the past few years. Part of it is an embrace of heritage and the chance to save grapes before they go extinct. But interestingly these grapes are also better suited to changes in weather and climate than some of the other grapes grown in Greece. Drought resistant and with thicker skins to ward off the worst effects of sun & high temperatures, there’s a greater appreciation of them than ever. They also produce less juice than some of the typical grape varieties (which might be why they fell out of favour) but the juice they give is much more concentrated in flavour and aromatics. We think you’ll be delighted by these, cheers!


The Fokiano Rosé:

A spectacular rosé wine from the almost extinct Fokiano grape. Aromas of quince, peach and strawberries with a hint of sea breeze & whiffs of oregano. On the palate there’s  notes of grapefruit, peach, apricot, banana, bitter orange, and white cherry. Well balanced with great acidity. A rosé that’s great with food or as an aperitif. 


ABV 14%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly


The White Monemvasia:

On the nose there’s hints of ripe golden plums, yellow apples, apricots, pears and dried flowers and herbs. On the palate the stone fruits continue along with herbs, spices and almonds. A well balanced wine with a full body and long finish. Will go great with an array of mezes and cheeses.


ABV 13%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly



OuSyra was founded by Edward and his wife Eileen, in Chroussa, a small village on the south of Syros. They started with just two wines, a white from local Monemvasia grapes and rosé from Fokiano, using native Naxos grapes. The 2018 vintage was vinified for the first time in their privately owned winery and has received great reviews ever since. Both wines are distinguished by their aromatic, fruity character and freshness, both in the nose and pallet. The winery is still family-run on Syros, creating terroir-driven wines from rare indigenous Cycladic varieties.