Juicy, pure, vibrant fruit aromas of black fruit compote. Blackberry, black plum and black cherry fruits virtually burst out of the glass with dashes of higher toned blue-fruits sitting in the background. There are hints of earth/stone, dried flowers, jasmine, pepper, spice box, red liquorice, ginger cake and a touch of green tobacco leaf. Due to the higher altitude the vineyards here benefit from a cooler climate, with a longer ripening season.


ABV 14%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly



Gramenon is a little unusual, in that it makes high-end wines from vineyards that bear no more than the lowly appellation of Côtes du Rhône. The domaine was set up by Phillipe and Michelle Aubery-Laurent in 1990 and quickly made a reputation for its concentrated, complex wines from very ripe grapes, which come mainly from old vines. Phillipe sadly died in an accident in 1999, but since then Michele continued to work with the Domaine. In 2022, Michele retired leaving her son Maxime to take the reins.