A pure product of Cahors, made of Malbec complemented by some bunches of Merlot. An intense and fresh nose, with blackcurrant, violets, pepper and mint. On the palate there’s tons of juicy black fruit, blackberries, black plums and black cherries. Fine tannins, good acidity and a medium long finish. Perfect complement for a BBQ!

ABV 13.5%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly



The estate was originally created by Charles Verhaeghe and now run by his sons Pascal and Jean-Marc. Ecological viticultural methods eschewing weedkillers and chemical fertilizers. Yield reduction by serious pruning and leaf stripping for greater sun exposure and air circulation. Harvesting the grapes on the verge of overripeness yields the superb raw material essential to create fabulous wines. In the cellars the Verhaeghes aim for softness, richness, and harmony through gentle extraction by long vattings and limited pigeage, malolactic fermentation and sensible use of oak. Its lunchtime and you could murder a Cahors, but you don’t fancy taking out one of the big guns. Heritage is for you, a bonny ruby-red, the Malbec softened by plummy Merlot smooth with a nice touch of lip-smacking acidity.