A fruity, explosive, great freshness and immediate pleasure. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec blend result is a biting wine with red fruit aromas mainly with cherry, and citrus fruits.  It also presents a generous mouth with richness and length.  The perfect wine gift.


A 40 hectare, fully organic since 2013. The 8th generation to work at the estate; Vincent Alexis joined his father in 2010 and talked him into bottling their own wines instead of selling them for bulk blending.  40% of the production is sweet with the rest a mix of red and dry white; which Vincent sees as the future for Bergerac as a whole.  The soil is a mix of red clay, iron and silex. The flint rocks in the soil retain heat which helps the maturation of the grapes. The area is cooler than the rest of Bergerac and has more rain, therefore the harvest is later and the fruit is riper.