Gavi is a true Italian classic made from the Cortese di Gavi grape. This particular example hails from the hilly slopes of Tassarolo to the north of the region, where the Cortese thrives. It has a wonderfully complex nose and palate of toasted almonds with hints of apple and almonds. Fresh, floral and refreshingly light.

Low intervention

ABV 13%


The Cinzia Bergaglio winery in beautiful Piedmont is family run. Here we find three generations simultaneously: first of all the Cinzia Bergaglio parents, then Cinzia and her husband Massimo, who are the productive engine of the company, and finally the couple’s son, who is becoming more and more involved in the management of the winery. The vineyards, some of them very old, are specially taken care of and managed with pruning and thinning which ensure high quality of the grapes. They pay particular attention to respecting nature and the environmental impact of our activity. For them it is of primary importance to obtain quality grapes with the least possible use of chemical substances. Their vineyards are fertilized with green manure: they cultivate among the rows of their grapes a mix of herbs and various vegetables that help to fertilize the soil without using chemical fertilizers.