Looking for a Prosecco that attracts attention? Look no further than this intriguing Prosecco. It has a unique bottle which adds to the glamour of this wine. The wine itself  is pale straw‐yellow colour being exceptionally refined with a clear scent of fruit. Its crisp, dry, and pleasantly acidity.  This wine will add glamour to any occasion and who doesn’t like a good Prosecco?



The vineyard has cold winters and warm, well‐ventilated, non‐muggy summers, along with considerable day/night temperature shifts which all contributes to the wines unique taste.  It has a mixed clayey, chalky soil of varying depths.  The Carpesica hillsides have a surface layer rich in morainic residues of the ancient Piave glacier that ran down from the Sella del Fadalto between Mount Pizzoc and Mount Visentin.