An appetizing and aromatic with bright herbal notes and a lovely long finish on the palate. This is the distillation to stimulate your taste buds with its blend of complex and refreshing flavours a perfect gin & tonic substitute.  Serve 1 part Bax’s to 3 parts tonic over ice, and garnish with a curl of cucumber. The perfect gift for the alcohol free drinker.



Bax Botanics is a Yorkshire based distillery run by a husband and wife team with a passion for nature. They use organic and ethically sourced herbs and botanicals, wherever possible they use recycled and recyclable packaging their bottle labels are printed on a by-product from the sugar industry. Inspired by wild herbs and botanicals they combine flavours to create complex alcohol-free spirits. They distil in beaten copper stills in a time-honoured way making the non-alcoholic drinks pure, honest and beautifully natural.