This Sangiovese is a lovely bright ruby red. Fruity aromas typical of red fruits of the, cherry, strawberry and morello cherry, with a floral background of violets and light notes of aromatic herbs. On the palate the red fruit flavours continue with a medium body, delicate tannins and a pleasant and refreshing finish.

ABV 13%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly



Balìa di Zola is situated in Modigliana, a picturesque town and valley in the Romagna area, the southern part of the Emilia-Romagna region. For many years the Tuscans have been at the forefront of Sangiovese production, but just across the regional border, nestled in the foothills of the Apennines, Modigliana produce beautiful expressions of this noble grape variety. Sangiovese di Romagna is one of Italy’s best kept secrets, but thanks to producers such as Balìa di Zola who tirelessly work to preserve and promote their regional heritage, this underrated gem is flourishing.

In 1999, Claudio Fiore and Veruska Eluci, husband and wife, purchased a small 17th century farmhouse in Modigliana, sitting scenically amid vineyard land, olive groves, and surrounded by woodland. The property came with three hectares of 40-year-old vines, that required extensive work, but the Fiore family made it their mission to revive these vineyards and expand upon their holdings by planting a further three hectares. Sangiovese is very much their focus and passion, with a strong belief in its ability to measure up to its relatives to the West, they have made it their goal to improve its reputation. A combination of altitude, soil composition, climate, and proximity to woodland, make up the distinguishing factors. Situated higher up in the Apennines, the vineyards are influenced by a more Mediterranean climate, with marl, sandstone, and a touch of limestone in the soil composition. The landscape here remains largely unspoiled, boasting remarkable biodiversity with 80% woodland and just small pockets of vineyards and olive groves.