This white wine has all the tannic structure and body that distinguishes orange wines from white. This wine is thoroughly approachable and downright easy to drink.  With its smooth silky finish this bottle will be the winner of any wine drinker but if you want a glass you better be quick. This wine will be gone before you can say Baglio Bianco.

ABV 11.5%


The main seat of the estate is a splendid structure from the nineteenth century in Marsale. This historical and prestigious building is situated in front of the seaside, on the western coastline of Sicily and facing the island of Egadi. The region is  blessed with consistently bright sunshine and reliably moderate rainfall. Sicily’s classic Mediterranean climate is ideally suited to the production of wine grapes. The warm, dry climate means that mildews and rots are kept to a minimum, particularly in well-ventilated areas which benefit from coastal breezes. Producing excellent full bodied white wines.