On the nose there’s a beautiful bouquet of violets, blossom, strawberries, red cherries, minerals and a hint of mint. On the palate the red fruit continues with soft integrated tannins and good acidity lending the wine a medium body with a persistent finish.esent but balanced and not gripping. A very elegant, fresh, light but serious red wine. Goes well hard cheeses and softer blues.


ABV 13.5%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly




Azienda Agricola Summer Wolff is the culmination of decades of dreams, ideas, study, curiosity, travel, failures, and successes all coming together. Watching, working with, building, and growing a winery together with her husband (Fabrizio Iuli) gave Summer inspiration and motivation, so she travelled Europe meeting small, young, and mostly unknown natural winemakers, learning about their stories, struggles, and accomplishments. Summer explains, “I day dreamt about what ‘my’ wine would be like, I quietly thought about what I may do differently after tasting wine after wine after wine. I honed in more and more after 20 years in the business on what makes my own palate tick… and finally a couple of years ago, with a nudge from my husband, decided it was time to make it.” For now, Summer has 2 hectares of land in the same valley as those of husband’s winery, Cascina Iuli and rents old vineyards of Freisa Piccola.