This is a rare find! This wine is made from two Italian grapes that almost went extinct, Albana and Famosa (60% & 40% respectively) and only 4,600 bottles have been produced. If you’ve shied away from orange wines in the past I really encourage you to try this wine, it will change any past impressions you may have. On the nose there’s concentrated orange peel, a touch of angostura bitters and some ripe grapefruit. The palate is immediately juicy and sweet, with a wonderful oily texture, ripe cantaloupe melon, oranges and more tropical fruits. The finish is a touch candied, with some soft sherbet notes and a lovely rich warmth ending.

ABV 13%

Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly



The Ancarani winery is a small estate run by the family of the same name, located in Santa Lucia, a hamlet of Faenza. In 1934, grandfather Pietro, known as Delmo, bought the first hectares of land, handing them down to future generations, with the task of protecting them, loving them and sharing their story. Claudio runs the winery today, putting his passion and dedication into every single aspect. The vineyards of the Ancarani winery are located near the fortress of Oriolo, in the hills of Faenza, Emilia-Romagna. Throughout the rows, strictly native vines are grown, such as Sangiovese, Burson, Centesimino and Famoso, amongst others, harvested and vinified using traditional techniques. Production in the vineyard is limited to the natural characteristics of the terroir, and the grape bunches are pruned and carefully selected to ensure a richer bouquet and healthier grapes. Sulphites are reduced to a minimum, and Ancarani follows a philosophy that strives to protect the values of biodiversity and sustainability, paying close attention to the correct functioning of the ecosystem. In the cellar, maceration is long in order to transfer all the components present in the grapes to each individual wine variety. Each harvest, Ancarani produces just under 40,000 bottles, spread over nine different labels, mostly white wines.