An organic natural wine with a fresh, light and juicy finish. Made from Pinot Meunier and Schwarzriesling. Minimal filtering.

ABV 12%


The second vintage of our red “Fledermaus” has been harvested in September 2016 and bottled in February 2017. It’s made of Schwarzriesling / Pinot Meunier growing on shell limestone. The vineyard is pretty much in the middle of our town. We started farming it organically in 2014. And as the vineyard had been treated well before we took over the plants didn’t suffer from that switch – at the cost of a reduced yield. The grapes were picked on one of the first harvest days as we feel Pinot Meunier benefits a lot from a solid acid-backbone. For a duration of seven days we mixed destemmed berries which were only partly crushed to get some carbonic effect. After pressing the wine, fermentation was finished in a steel tank and rested on the full lees until it was bottled in February 2017. It became a bit more tannic and “serious” than the previous vintage but also more clean.

2Naturkinder a family winery, started in 1843.  Michael and Melanie had been working in publishing for six years in Heidelberg, Regensburg, London and New York.  Michael’s Father Bernard is close to retirement but Michael had no interest in returning home to take over the family winery.  While they spent time in New York and London they had developed a taste for natural wine. In 2012 a plan began to develop.  In June 2013 they left their work life behind and started making wine in Michael’s parents’ winery.  Starting out with just a few hundred bottles from two parcels converted to organic farming, they now farm around 6 hectors of Organic vineyards.