Producer Focus Uva de Vida

Uva de Vida, Graciano and Tempranillo 2018



Castilla La Mancha , to the South West of Madrid is in the very heart of Spain. This region has traditionally been known for producing vast quantities of table wine, about half of all Spanish grapes are grown here. Most vineyards lie at 500m to 700m on sandy, calcareous and clayey soils and only grapes that can withstand the extreme temperature range (40ºC to 12ºC) and dry conditions thrive here; for whites this is principally Airen and for reds it’s many of the usual dark skinned varietals. The region itself has 9 DO’s which, since the 80’s, have really taken advantage of new technology to greatly improve the quality and freshness of the wines.



Uva de Vida (“The Grape of Life”), est. 2012 , is the vision of wife and husband team Carmen Lopez Delgado and Luiz Ruiz Martin. Based in Santa Olalla, 50km west of Toledo, Carmen makes half a dozen wines from their 9hct property centered on Graciano, an uncommon variety in the region. Certified organic and biodynamic farming. Total absence of copper and sulphur in the vineyard. Fermentation on wild yeasts. 3 to 4 days maceration on the skins with daily pigeage. Once malolactic fermentation finishes, they are racked once, unfiltered and unclarified. The winery is a member of the tiny prestigious biodynamic association “La Renaissance des Appellations”, chaired by Nicolas Joly.





Uva de Vida, Graciano and Tempranillo 2018