March 15, 2023

Italian grapes on the rise

Italian grapes on the rise! It should come as no surprise that we love Italian wines, especially those that fly under the radar. On our site we offer a Timorasso. We find it an incredibly expressive grape with an incredible story of how it almost died out. Here’s a link to a great story about Timorasso from Forbes “Timorasso that almost disappeared“.

Once you move beyond the usual suspects of Italian wine it can become quite perplexing. We’re going to lift some wording from this article in the Seven Fifty Daily to tempt you to explore further. “The Italian National Registry of Grapes currently lists 545 varieties. If we narrow that down to only native grapes and exclude synonyms the number of grape varieties is somewhere between 350 to 600. Far more than France, Spain or Greece”.

Thankfully today’s consumers are more open than ever to trying new grape varieties and are becoming more aware of the value and quality in Italian grapes, especially from lesser-known areas. There is a pitfall here in that sometimes production is so limited there’s not enough for the demand and regularly sell out. Other times, demand becomes so high that producers jack up the price. We can personally attest to that! Whilst researching Timorasso’s we found some in the £60.00-£70.00 range. That seemed a bit ambitious to us. We found great Timorasso’s at better prices. Ours is priced at £22.00. 

We hope you find this as interesting as we do. Besides the Timorasso we also carry an exceptional Sauvignon from Friuli and have our eyes on these reds- Schioppettino, Nerello Mascalese and Piedirosso. And these whites as well -Carricante, Friulano and Verdiso. Once we find them at an appropriate price and availability we’ll add them and let you know!