June 19, 2019

The Road to Key West – Miami

So our next stop on the East Coast tour is The Keys and Key West to be more precise.  A straight shot from Miami direct to Key West is a three and half hour drive with no stops, however we recommend taking a little time and making the odd stop along the way.

Firstly, before you hit The Keys you are practically passing the Everglades so with a short de-tour you can fit in some croc spotting.  We arranged for a guided tour on an air boat no less, it’s relatively cheap to do and a great hair blown experience.  Unknowingly to us we went in the dry season which was in April but turns out to be the best time for spotting crocs as the waters are low, whereas normally you’d struggle to see one we saw up to 30!  Well worth the de-tour.

The Keys is a great drive, if you can, hire the obligatory drop top American muscle car, everyone else does…  All the individual islands are connected by bridges, so your eyes are met with endless sea views and some interesting towns along the way.  There’s plenty of places to stop for the night along the way if you want to break the drive up, Duck Key, Islamorada, we stopped in Key Largo at a cheap motel for the experience and had some great fresh fish at a local eatery with live music.

When you get to Key West you are met with a really chilled, relaxed vibe being very bohemian in every sense.  We found out that the few beaches there are, have been manmade by Bahamians bringing over sand from the Bahamas every year.  There is ample accommodation to choose, from B&B’s to small boutique chic style hotels with courtyard pool areas.  We quickly realised what Key West was all about…relaxing by your hotel pool during the day and then eating and drinking at night.  The main street on the island Duval Street, runs the full width of the island, with gallerys, knick-knack shops, restaurants and plenty of bars, as the evening progresses the street gets lively!

In short Key West is a chilled, bohemian, social holiday with plenty of eating and drinking to be had.

image of the everglades miami          image of key west art           image of key west house           image of blue heaven key west