March 20, 2019

St Anton Austria, serious ski heritage or old skool hype?


St Anton Austria, serious ski heritage or old skool hype?  We heard tails of endless ski runs, serious off-piste and Après Ski that rocked the mountains, its safe to say we weren’t disappointed.

Having a relatively compact centre, the towns shops, bars, restaurants and its main ski lifts are all in walking distance.  Once you are up the main lift you have access to onwards of 305km of ski runs, spoilt for choice to say the least!  It should be said that St Anton’s ski runs are less catered toward beginners but there’s still a fair share of runs available.

For the experienced riders the off-piste offering is vast and while we were visiting the constant powder drops meant there was some serious runs to be had.

The mountain restaurants are spread across the ski range but not as plentiful as you would expect when compared to some popular French resorts.  As you imagine they offer a vast range of mouth-watering carb-based sustenance to refuel you for the rest of a high-altitude cold day and of course a cheeky beer or spritz as a warm up for the Après Ski.

After a hard day skiing the obligatory daily Après Ski awaits, St Anton is known as being the mecca of Apres Ski the God Father if you will, with two particular famous bars at the end of the run down.  Go left you will arrive at Krazy Kangurghru and right you hit MooserWrit, both offering copious amounts of liquid, loud music and dancing on the tables, you can’t really go wrong.  MooserWirt is the bigger of the two and apparently their Jägermeister is supplied on tap through miles of pipes from the basement below.  Following all the dancing and drinking there is the tricky decent down into town with hundreds of inebriated individuals edging every so slowly down the mountain while trying to maintain their dignity, a funny site to watch.

In short St Anton does not disappoint on all levels, and if you’re a keen skier, boarder or more of a Apres Ski goer, it caters for all.

image of vinagogo st anton                    image of mooserwirt st anton                    image of vinagogo st anton village